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100% Water Proof | 100% Termite Proof | Fire Retardant

PVC Modular Kitchens are Easy to install. PVC is highly durable, fire retardant and water proof material. The colors and designs will make your space look stylish.and provide a sophisticated look to the interiors. These modular kitchens are designed using best quality of PVC panels.


  • Termite Proof
  • Water Proof
  • Fire Retardant
If you’ve heard about Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) your first thought is pipes. However, with the evolution of modular kitchens, PVC kitchen cabinets are now the trend people are looking at. If you still have your doubts about this product, we have a detailed guide on what you can expect.

Currently, the market opts for two kinds of PVC boards for the kitchen i.e., PVC hollow boards and PVC foam. The difference is simple, as the name suggests, the first one is hollow inside, thus being lightweight and economic. Whereas, PVC foam boards are thicker making it sturdier than hollow boards but costlier at the same time.

Characteristics of PVC kitchens
We suggest hollow boards and foam boards for as both are thermal and fire resistant. They are also non-toxic, anti-chemical and corrosion-resistant material giving you hygienic conditions to work in.

Design & Installation
The material for kitchens come in ready-to-fit boards which don’t require finishing. Available in an array of colours, you don’t have to think about laminates or add-ons to make it look beautiful. Since they are lightweight, the workers can find it easy to work on. However, for working with PVC board, the right expertise is required as improper finishing can result in irreversible damage to the cabinet; thus, our experience of about 30 years in working with PVC boards on more than hundreds of residential and industrial projects shall give you assurance of quality installation.

When it comes to the sturdiness, it is definitely the foam board you must buy as it can hold more weight compared to the other PVC variant. However, hollow boards are ideal for homes to be given away on rent, as the additional cost of construction is minimal but the rent of a house with complete modular kitchen can be charged at premium rates, additionally it will give service for years without significant maintenance cost.

Pros of PVC cabinets
  • Economic option feasible for rented homes
  • Say goodbye to termites as they won’t infest PVC cabinets
  • Available in an array of colours and don’t require add-on finishing
  • Foam boards can hold more weight and are fairly fire resistant as well
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