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Say “Goodbye” to the dirty-unhygienic Damp Walls.

PVC Wall Panel is light in weight, have excellent dielectric properties and excellent bend and stretch characteristics. These panels are the best solution for wall finishing of residential, office and industrial premises. Wall panels are made of PVC by specially developed methods of rigid PVC extrusion with active additives that improve key properties such as impact resistance, durability, flexibility, and resistance to environmental influences.

PVC panel are universal - they can nail down horizontally, vertically and at any angle. You can choose from a vast variety of colors and textures available with us. Using PVC panels you can decorate the walls in the most modern styles.

PVC paneling once installed is very easy to maintain, just wash them with cleaning agents which do not contain chlorine and abrasives. Wall panels are connected to each other on a "Tongue and Groove" arrangement, and it is so tight that the connection does not pass water. Waterproof PVC wall panels from our collection, represent three-dimensional plate with a longitudinal cellular internal structure. All these features patterned plastic panels are suitable for finishing toilets and bathrooms, kitchens and corridors. PVC Wall Panels are designed for interior walls and ceiling.


  • Low cost
  • Excellent insulation
  • Resistance to environmental factors (high and low temperature, moisture)
  • High resistance to aggressive media: acids, alkalis, chemical reagents.

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